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Energy Vault Gravity Energy Storage

Energy storage capacity is forecasted to grow by 6000% globally from 2016 to 2030. The main reason being the unpredictability of renewable energy and the need to store excess energy when available and release the energy when needed to stabilize the grid.

The current Energy Storage market is dominated (95%) by Pumped Storage schemes which are limited due to topology constraints, water availability and costs.

The disruptive Energy Vault Gravity Energy Storage System (GESS) was developed by a Swiss company, Energy Vault Société Anonyme. This solution emulates Pumped Storage technology by lifting and stacking multi-tonne concrete blocks to store energy and the lowering the same blocks to generate energy.

Energy Vault storage towers can be built anywhere and has the added environmental benefit that solid waste materials like building rubble, mine tailings, mine dumps and ash dumps can safely encased into the concrete bricks, thereby converting environmental solid waste into energy storage assets.

Other attributes include modularity, varying power/energy ratios ranging from 15% to 100%, low capital cost, low operation and maintenance cost, environmentally friendly, high round trip efficiencies, localisation potential of up to 80%, zero leakage and long life cycle of 30 years plus.

Sizana Solutions is the appointed partner company of Energy Vault SA (Switzerland) for Southern Africa and is partnering with iX engineers on this initiative.

Effective Bio-Aire Aerators

Aeration, the process of increasing oxygen levels in contaminated water, is a critical process of water treatment.

Traditional aerators have moving parts and consumes high levels of energy.

The Bio-Aire is a disruptive and highly efficient aerator that consumes in the order of 20% the energy of conventional aerators. It has no moving parts, does not clog and can be easily deployed to contaminated ponds to reduce high levels of ammonia, phosphates, suspended solids and chemical oxygen demand.

Bio-Aire increases the capacity of Aerobic Modules of Water Water Treatment Works (WWTW) at a fraction of the cost of expanding the works.

Typical applications where water can be polluted include stream, rivers, wastewater treatment works, maturation ponds, golf estates, wine farms, livestock farms, abattoirs, breweries, clothing, laundry, dairies, chemicals, plastics, food, beverage, health, hospitals, mines, power generation, etc.

Sizana Solutions is working in partnership with Khubeka Construction (George, South Africa), the inventor and manufacturer of Bio Aire aerators.

H2POD Fuel Saving Technology

Reduce the carbon footprint of heavy duty diesel driven combustion engines with payback potential of less than 1 year.

H2POD produces on demand hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water through a controlled electrolysis process. The hydrogen and oxygen is injected into the inlet air, resulting in improved combustion.

Diesel savings of 10% to 30%.

Exhaust harmful Greenhouse Gas emission reductions of CO2, CO, soot, Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM), Sulphur Oxides (SOx) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) of up to 80%.

No maintenance, long life, no engine modifications, no onboard hydrogen storage, easy to install, reduced engine maintenance, longer engine life, increased torque and increased power.

Applications include freight trucks, generator sets, buses, heavy construction and mining equipment, trains, marine applications, HVAC and more.

Sizana Solutions is the appointed Licensee for Southern Africa of MRA Solutions (Canada), the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of H2PODs.

Smart Water Metering and Billing

Smart water metering and billing comprise the data collection and analysis of hourly water readings of consumers and district metered areas (DMAs) to empower stakeholders with knowledge regarding their consumption, leaks and billing in near real time through the advanced Internet of Things (IOT) technologies.

Sizana Solutions engineered boutique 'Smart Water Monitoring' software solution that enables water balances to be determined in real-time, leak detection and alerting to be instant and billing to be automated.

The Water Shedding software suite used provides live hourly consumption, bill to date, predicted month end bill at current consumption, leakage rates and predicted month end cost of leaks.

The software also generates the Billing csv files required to pull billing data into the billing systems of Managing Agents of estates.

Sizana Solutions is partnering with Water Shedding (Pty) Ltd (South Africa) to develop and roll out smart water metering and billing solutions.

Infrastructure Financing

Sizana is partnering with the Gaia Group who specialize in the financing of bankable infrastructure.

The Gaia Group facilitates the investment of developer and long term capital into infrastructure projects.

The specialisation areas for investment is in renewable energy, energy storage, transport, water and sanitation.

Sizana Solutions is partnering with the Gaia Group (South Africa) to develop innovative infrastructure financing solutions.

Zambezi Eye

Leak Proof Toilet Cisterns

Leaking toilets are a big source of water losses. It is particularly problematic in areas where consumers do not pay for water. Poor quality cisterns leak soon after installation and non-paying consumers either take long to effect repairs or never do it at all. This is a major problem for water supply authorities like municipalities who invest time and money to deliver the water, but are not refunded for it by consumers.

We have developed the Zambezi Eye, a leak proof cistern by replacing the leak prone outlet valve which has a rubber seal at the bottom of the cistern with a dump bucket mechanism.

We also re-engineered the leak prone inlet valve into a robust solution suitable for low and high inlet pressures. The final solution is a slick cost effective robust product with only two moving parts (bucket connected to the handle) and inlet valve.

Sizana Solutions is partnering with Zambezi Sanitation (Pty) Ltd (South Africa) and Namibia Leak Detection and Plumbing Services (Namibia) to roll out the Zambezi Eye cisterns.

The Zambezi Eye Leak Proof Toilet Cistern